october 2018

west monitor barn, Richmond, VT

“You can't go wrong with Homer!! Hands down! He is very personable and was one of the easiest vendors to work with. From our first meeting, I was immediately comfortable with him and could easily see the passion he has for photography. The combination of his technical skills and artist's eye made booking him an easy choice! He captured so many details of the day that I wasn't able to see firsthand. I know portraits of big families are hard enough, but Homer was awesome with it (even if I was a little hangry and impatient with family members wandering off!). I was concerned about our reception area being dimly lit - but he rocked that too. The reception photos are better than I imagined! When I opened our gallery link, I wanted to scream. They are amazing! I'm in love with reliving our day through these photos. THANK YOU!”