Hi there, I’m Homer Horowitz! I’m a commercial, lifestyle, and wedding photographer based in Burlington, VT and shooting anywhere my camera takes me.


By now, I’m sure you’re well into planning the details of your big day and you’re starting to think about a photographer. If I had to guess, someone either recommended you take a look at my work or you stumbled across my site by happenstance. Nonetheless - just the way you met your special someone, we too have crossed paths for a reason.  

When planning your wedding, you're not shopping for photography, you're shopping for a photographer. Their personality should be equally as important as their ability to take incredible photographs. I'm a romantic, fun-loving and energetic artist who's made a career of documenting life-changing events through the lens of my camera.

I’ve had the unparalleled pleasure of traveling the globe to photograph everything from world class athletes in Iceland to otherworldly glacier caves in Alaska, but I still have a soft spot for capturing a beautiful fall day in my own backyard. Through it all, I've discovered that nothing is more beautiful than capturing true love. That's why I love photographing weddings.

I always had a feeling that wedding photography would be a good fit for me. There’s no environment more lively and beautiful, but it wasn't until I shot my first wedding that I really fell in love. 

It was a beautiful backyard wedding and the ceremony was lovely- everyone had a grin from ear to ear. But it wasn't until I hopped into a 1940's Jaguar with the bride and groom in the back and Grandpa behind the wheel that it all came into focus.

The couple kissed, grandpa peered into the mirror with a warm grin… and I captured the moment. Right then and there, I realized I was part of something so momentous. That wedding was featured in the international wedding blog, 'Rock N' Roll Bride,' and I knew that this was something I was meant to do. 

When I shoot, I want to be excited, I want to try new things and above all else, I want to see your vision come to life. Photographing a wedding should never be a technical checklist. Each one is filled with its own uniquely beautiful moments to be captured and preserved.

With years of experience under my belt, I don’t tally or tout the number of weddings I’ve shot or allow myself to think of anything as routine. I consider it an honor and a privilege that I have yet another opportunity to help you tell your story, a story that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

- Homer Horowitz


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